Re-Tool Marketing


We are pleased to also offer services to complement our core competencies through curated relationships with top-notch strategic partners.

Product Development. Branding.
Positioning. Design. Retail.

The Chambers Group is a creative marketing services company specializing in Product Development, Positioning & Branding. Keith Chambers and his team have assisted more than 160 goods and service providers in formulating their marketing messages, including Arm & Hammer®, Hormel®, Coppertone®, Claritin®, Crest Spinbrush®, First Response®, Trojan®, Scotch-Brite™, Miss America, McCormick®, Clorox®, General Mills®, Dole®, Frito Lay® and many more.

  • Product Development Connectics
  • Positioning Connectics
  • Pull Workshops

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Brand Visionary. Sponsorship.
Film Production. Entertainment.

A graduate of Harvard Business School, Ken Kragen’s illustrious career far transcends the music and entertainment industries where he has spent many incredibly successful years. He has managed some of the world’s most important entertainers, including Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood, Olivia Newton John, The Bee Gees, Burt Reynolds, The Smothers Brothers and many others. He was the creator and organizer of “We Are the World”, “Hands Across America”, and Cisco System’s “NetAid”. Amazingly over 95% of the acts he managed have become stars, and 90% of the projects he created and spearheaded have achieved success.

He has lectured at Harvard Business School, USC, Loyola, the University of Tennessee and many other schools. He taught courses at UCLA’s Extension Program based on his unique concepts of career development and formulas for advancing projects to a higher level of excellence. Kragen is most proud of receiving the United Nations Peace Medal for the creation of “Hands Across America,” and “We Are the World,” making him one of a mere handful of private citizens to receive this honor.

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