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The Re-Tool Marketing team is the real deal and understands first-hand what it takes to focus your marketing efforts – especially when it comes to rebranding! Working with this incredible team gives your brand a voice, positioning and distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace. RE-TOOL MARKETING IS AN INDISPENSABLE TOOL that you will appreciate day in and day out – they open new doors, make a meaningful impact, ignite creativity and drive you and your brand to bring out its best with insight that simply helps make sense of it all!
– Stacey Schieffelin | CEO & Founder ybf beauty, LLC, TV Shopping
Channel Network Celebrity, and Founding Partner at Women’s Leadership LIVE


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Re-Tool Marketing has built the Ultimate Settlements brand to be a game changer within the healthcare cost containment industry. Kelly and her team have not only been professional, but EXPEDIENT AND INNOVATIVE, surprising myself and our board every time they produce a newly branded piece to add to our marketing arsenal. We appreciate having them on speed dial as our vCMO (virtual Chief Marketing Officer) virtual team.
– Jim Fersch | Founder and CEO, Ultimate Settlements



Re-Tool Marketing completely rebranded SAVOR Culinary Services and branded Chef Deb. Since working with them, I have seen a TRIPLE RETURN ON MY INVESTMENT. I seriously receive clients and opportunities every day because of what Re-Tool Marketing did for me and my two businesses. I am a true believer because the money is in my bank account to prove it.
– Chef Deb Cantrell | CEO, SAVOR Culinary Services and Chef Deb


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I’m happy to say that I’m a recent member of the Kelly Lucente and Re-Tool Marketing Fan Club. I’ve seen this girl and her team in action and I’M SIMPLY IMPRESSED. Kelly has an amazing ability to do dynamic things with a marvelous personality that simply mesmerizes people. She has an uncanny ability to move things and make things happen. I’m thrilled to be a friend, a supporter, and someone who would be excited to do business with her and her team all the time.
Ken Kragen | Creator of “We Are the World” and “Hands Across America”


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