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Untitled design (9) What’s Your Brand’s Mood? Untitled design (7) You Have More Competition than Your Direct Competition -Only- ness Do You Know What Your Brand’s “Only-ness” Is? Untitled design (2)-4 Does Your Brand’s Packaging Matter? Untitled design-15 Hire People Smarter Than Yourself… Untitled design (1)-8 How Are You Playing Your Brand’s Deck of Cards? Untitled design-14 Is Your Brand Disruptive? Untitled design-13 Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business Untitled design (2)-2 Your Website Matters… Untitled design (1)-6 What’s All the Fuss About Logos? Untitled design (1)-5 How Does Your Brand Get (and Keep) Your Customer’s Attention? Untitled design (1)-4 Brand Legacy…Do You Know Yours? Untitled design (2)-1 Integrating Your Brand’s Communication Strategy Untitled design (1)-2 Where Are You Now With Your Brand? Untitled design (1)-1 Your Brand’s Competition… Untitled design-10 Do You Know Your Target Persona’s Pain Point(s)? Leaving Corporate How Leaving the Corporate World Offered Me Business Perspective Untitled design (3) Clarity is a Choice… Untitled design (1) How To Get The “Yes”… IMG_3859 The Five Words I Heard From A “Shark” Untitled design-8 The Big Reveal Is Here… Picasso How Picasso Helped Me Articulate My Value Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 8.39.53 PM-1 Does a Brand Have a Dollar Value? refresh The Need for Your Brand’s re-Fresh… rebrand What is a re-Brand? Untitled Is It Time for a Brand Audit? Experience Customers Want An Experience brandstrategy Your Brand as a Strategy moo-milk-can Milking for Moo-lah screen-shot-2016-04-02-at-9-57-00-pm Getting LinkedIn… screen-shot-2016-04-02-at-9-44-35-pm Defining Your “Big” Idea… screen-shot-2016-04-03-at-6-38-41-pm It’s a “No” Until It’s a “Yes”… shutterstock_371937211 It Takes A Village to Build A Brand… screen-shot-2016-04-02-at-9-41-46-pm-1 What Is A Brand Style Guide? pictures-louder-than-words Pictures Speak Louder Than Words… typography Typography Counts Too… screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-39-14-pm There is No “I” in Team… cooks-blog Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen… process-blog Have a Process and Respect It… untitled-design Branding vs. Marketing shutterstock_30312757 The Power of 3: Image + Voice + Promise = Brand screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-5-25-37-pm Design is Everything (almost)… Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.08.16 PM Who Are You? shutterstock_319988639 Re-Tool Marketing’s Client, Savor Culinary Services, Wins USPCA Award for Best Website mobile ready1 Is Your Website Responsive? Untitled head shots Get Good Head Shots Untitled If it’s not new, it’s noise Untitled Your Brand’s Design (Identity): Less is always MORE Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.11.57 PM Know Your Tribe Creative brief The Creative Brief