Are You A Procrastinator?

We are all guilty of procrastination at one time or another or are at least self-aware that a certain set of tasks is bound to push us into the procrastination zone.  Like with a majority of coping mechanisms in life, procrastination is anchored around a mindset. You can increase your resistance to dragging your heels […]

Are You Keeping Your Brand Relevant?

Is your brand relevant?  To answer that affirmatively, the following Q’s need to be answered similarly.  Does your branding ooze with a vibrant and/or remarkable personality that aligns with your current demographic?  Is your brand recognition sticky and thus your brand recall strong? How is your brand sharing its unique narrative, through copy as well […]

The Fine Art of the Ask

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to direct opportunity in their direction?  They seem to win new biz, attract the right people, simply make things happen. Just lucky? Sure, maybe a bit of fate plays a part in any successful endeavor. However, sometimes it is something like the good ole’ humble “ask” […]

How Emotional is Your Brand?

Emotions drive brands. I think we can all agree on that.  And a brand’s emotional intent can be a key ingredient in its secret sauce. Brands that tap into and evoke emotion, particularly feel good ones, are not surprisingly the ones we engage with most often.  Truly emotive brands know how to infuse every one […]

Owning Your Brand’s Originality

Owning your brand’s originality seems like an easy task and while positioning (articulating that originality) is the foundation of the branding process it is the single most overlooked component. We know that may be hard to believe, but we can say that considering we work with clients that opted out of doing the heady work […]

Is It Time to Rebrand?

Is It Time to Rebrand?

Ahh, the notorious re-Brand.  It is one of those things that most brands know they need to tackle at some point during their tenure, but inevitably procrastinate doing.  They hold out hope that magically their sales numbers will tick upwards or the competition nipping at their heels stumbles. But when anxiety (or the bottom line) finally […]

Your Personal Brand and Why It is SO Important

Yes, you might not think of yourself as a “brand” but you are.  We all have a personal brand whether we recognize and embrace it or not (and many do not).  Everyone you know is perceived by others and perception is reality in many cases. In today’s tech saturated world, we have a physical and a digital self.  The […]


A brand has multiple parts that make up one finished system.  There is a lot be considered in order to arrive at the finish line with something that speaks to your target audience and expresses your brand’s point of view brilliantly.  Lots of steps.  Lots of iterations.  Lots of thinking and planning, testing, building and […]

Right or Left Brain? You Need Both to Build a Brand

Oftentimes, when reading about the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, a discussion point ends up popping up around our “right-brain” or “left-brain” tendencies. This theory revolves around what is known as “brain dominance,” meaning that an individual has a natural preference for processing information on one side of their noggin.  Obviously although the real division of labor […]

Words, Copy, Content…Yes, They Matter

For companies of all sizes,  website copy, email campaigns, blog posts and marketing collateral can all be lead generators if created with due diligence and with an eye to careful positioning.  Before a potential customer makes a purchase, most look you (or your brand) up online. So first impressions do count, and it isn’t just […]