Now, What to Do With Your MOO

Now, What to Do With Your MOO

This is the last in our three-part series around the concept of brand positioning and establishing your “purple cow” or “only-ness” statement. Our first blog distilled down and explained why your only-ness or purple cow statement is a foundational “brick” for your business success while our second blog spoke about the actual process of birthing […]

The “How” of Your MOO

The How of Your Moo

In our last blog, we defined what MOO™ is. It’s your Monumental, One-of-a Kind, Only-ness. It’s the remarkable thing that only YOUR business can offer, that if it didn’t exist, would be missed by your customer. Not only is it the hardest thing to figure out (besides your business name), but it’s avoided by most… either because […]

What's Your Brand's MOO?

whats your brands moo

When we onboard clients, we always talk about how branding is all about perception. For consumers, perception is more important than reality, which is just the simple truth.  So, in order to gain a positive reputation and be perceived well by consumers, your brand needs to be well positioned. Defining brand positioning is heady work; […]

Your Brand Really Matters…

A brand is a funny thing. It’s normally not something you can hold in your hand, it is nearly impossible to directly tie to ROI and yet branding is the bread and butter of any business. Without a stable, consistent, visually appealing, story driven brand, your company growth will no doubt take a nosedive. And […]

Have you Ever Googled Your Name or Your Brand?

If not, you most definitely should! Why you ask? In today’s search-happy world, your brand/business is getting Googled by potential customers whether you know it or not.  Over 1 billion names are Googled EVERYDAY! With a plethora of businesses that fall into a category of “similar/same”, people are using search engines and Google to find what they want (or […]

You Have to Know Your Brand's Blind Spots

It is a consistent uphill climb to keep your brand relevant and top of mind. With today’s marketing machine whirring and spinning 24/7, a steady stream of challenges awaits small businesses and entrepreneurs (the big brands too, although the bigger the brand, the faster the rush from the proverbial fire hose). As people spend more […]

Defining Your "Big" Idea…

If you intend to set your brand apart, you need a big idea. “I am a coach” is not a big idea, because thousands of people can claim the same thing. In Designing Brand Identity, Alina Wheeler defines a big idea like this. “A big idea functions as an organizational totem pole around which strategy, […]

Getting LinkedIn…

I spend a lot of time in my presentations speaking about the importance of social media, but I want to spotlight LinkedIn here because I have found it’s one of the most effective business tools for personal brand exposure. The nice thing about LinkedIn is that it is designed for business professionals, so there are […]

Who is Your Customer?

When I ask my clients (or potential clients) the question “Who is your customer?” the answer is almost unanimously “everyone”—but that isn’t possible, even if you are Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands in the world but it markets to specific buyer demographics. At some point you’ll fall into the trap of […]

What's Your Brand's Mood?

Every business has an original story. Most of my clients hire me to step in, listen, poke and prod, ask the right questions, then take all the their loose and random thoughts and answers and build a cohesive, compelling brand identity. Yikes, right? Actually, I have to share that despite what to some may seem […]