Our method.

Send your brand skyrocketing with the remarkable method™.


Discover what makes your business


What would be missed if you didn’t exist?

Answering that question is where retool’s® remarkable method™ comes in. Our method isn’t just another branding and marketing communication vehicle, but a unique strategy in aligning your product, process, people, and market in such a way that makes your audience sit up and take notice.

This method has been tested across multiple industries and refined to incorporate today’s marketing and branding challenges.

Why figure out your


Remarkable brands tend to diffuse through segments of the population at rocket speed. They’re unusual, exceptional, interesting, or excellent. Remarkable things get your attention… in a big way. They impress, excite, and can’t help but be talked about by those who’ve been exposed to them. It’s in the “remarkable” where the magic happens. It’s the rocket fuel that ignites people to buy and share the news with everyone they know.

Do you know your company’s only-ness?

Take our assessment and find out.


The benefits of knowing your


You will be positioned as an innovator / influencer.

Your brand recognition will take off at rocket speed.

Keep your current marketing budget, yet increase your ROI.

How it works.

The re•tool® team of re•markable facilitators work with you and your leadership team for four sessions to PLAN, PLOT, POSITION and PROMISE. At the end of our time together, we will have defined your re•markable only-ness creating a messaging bank which can then be implemented into your entire marketing mix.


    THE START.60 minute meeting

    You will chat with Kelly Lucente and the retool® team who will introduce you to the concept (and its importance) of finding out what makes your business remarkable. They will walk you through their process in detail so you can see how finding yours can strengthen your company.


    • Review your brand and identify gaps
    • Know for certain if you lack an only-ness and establish next steps
  • PLAN

    THE PLAN.3 hour workshop

    You’re probably thinking you’ve done this already, but this is slightly different. We look at this planning from a brand perspective. This session includes discussing company goals and objectives as it pertains to the growth of the brand, charting the company’s past and future brand milestones, reviewing top competitors and finalizing a brand SWOT. Some of this is homework that will be reviewed and refined during our time together.


    • Establish brand goals
    • Leverage a brand SWOT against competition to frame up brand narrative
  • PLOT

    THE PLOT.3 hour workshop

    You need to be clear on how you’re different than the competition in a finite way and have a plan to communicate that externally. This session is core in defining key differentiators and all supporting talking points to establish a messaging bank for future marketing and content initiatives.


    • Understand how differentiation can set you apart from the competition
    • Identify four core differentiators and sub talking points
    • Establish "why" these differentiators are relevant and how they are important to your audience
  • PLOT

    THE POSITION.3 hour workshop

    You’ve heard of the 7 P’s of Marketing? Well, we look at it through a different lens. This session reviews the 7 P’s of Only-ness and wordsmiths each to reach for the edges… the disruptive areas that feel risky but that further define your company’s uniqueness.


    • Conduct a deep dive using the 7 P's of Only-ness. We extract and create the framework for crafting your brand's remarkable distinction via its messaging. It is all about generating excitement for your audience
  • PLOT

    THE PROMISE.4 hour workshop

    This is where it gets real. This session brings together all of the previous findings and defines what makes your business remarkable.


    • Identify the 10 questions you are most frequently asked by clients and prospects
    • Define your brand's remarkable only-ness statement
  • PLOT

    THE ENCORE.Monthly 3 hour sessions

    These 3 hour sessions are spent with your marketing team to help implement your new remarkable only-ness strategy into your marketing mix to include (but not limited to) website, collateral, content, social media, et al. Each month there will be strategy, creation, and implementation support by Kelly and the retool® team so you can be assured every touch point is speaking on brand.


    Many need assistance implementing the only-ness narrative into the marketing mix. These sessions are designed to make that implementation seamless.

  • PLOT


    A full day with your marketing team to work on your marketing plan to optimize opportunities for the following year.


    After completing the remarkable method™ program, many don't want to stop there. Once it's implemented and the brand is firing on all cylinders, it makes sense to create a plan to get the word out in a strategic way. Kelly and her team can assist to mitigate delays and/or roadblocks to hitting your business goals.

The next step.

Request a FREE meeting.

Request a free 60-minute meeting with a remarkable method™ facilitator to talk through your branding challenges and receive a free digital copy of MOO-LAH-GY, a branding and marketing primer.


The result.

A solid and remarkable brand strategy that is fully integrated into your company culture with a clear image, voice, and promise to your market. We also follow up annually to work on your marketing plan for the following year.