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Elevate Branding, Amplify Sales:
Unique Fractional CMO Leadership

"I bring a powerful fusion of branding and positioning expertise, driven by a proprietary process that reveals your 'only-ness,' all while igniting sales success."
- Kelly

Career Awards

Recognized 22 times for excellence in branding, marketing, and sales – a testament to my innovative approach.

Years Advisor & Mentor

Guiding aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators for 9+ years at Carlson School of Management and MN Cup, fostering growth and achievement.

Years Mastered

Over 30 years honing expertise in branding, marketing, and sales – a journey of continuous innovation and mastery.

Pioneering Strategies with Industry Game-Changers.

Remax Results
Pearle Vision
Mattamy Homes
Blue Water

Boost Your ROI.

Discover the fusion of marketing and sales leadership with a unique Fractional CMO, optimizing ROI through strategic branding, positioning, and sales tactics.

Maximize your ROI with
strategic marketing solutions.

Craft Marketing Success.

From startups seeking a unique identity to established enterprises aiming for a marketing revolution, my expertise empowers your brand to stand out.

Ignite your brand, amplify your sales – together, let's redefine what's possible.

Unlock Success Stories.

Explore how my strategic marketing expertise transforms key roles within your organization. Hover over each title to reveal testimonials showcasing the impact of my fractional CMO services.


Leverage Visionary
Marketing for Growth

“Kelly was the extra set of eyes we were looking for in defining our differentiators as we embarked upon expanding our service suite to become a fully integrated real estate investment company.”

Kevin Ortner | CEO, Renters Warehouse


Enhance Operations through
Strategic Positioning

“Kelly’s knowledge is so vast in so many areas and she was instrumental in creating a dual brand strategy allowing us to capitalize on our industry strengths.”

Donna Hawley | CEO, Pearle Vision + Maple Grove Eye Doctors


Drive ROI with Prudent
Marketing Expertise

"I’ve involved Kelly in many of my businesses over the years and I’ve done so because she brings a fresh perspective to each business objective. She definitely remains on speed dial."

Nicole Middendorf | CEO, Prosperwell Financial


Gain Competitive Edge
with Industry Insights

“One of our V/TO™ rocks was a rebrand, so we brought Kelly in to help us figure out our unique differentiators. She helped us integrate our “only-ness” into the new website and align our core messaging.”

Raz Bajwa | CEO, Industrack + EO President, MN Chapter

Department Heads

Empower Teams with
Advanced Marketing Tactics

“Working with Kelly gives your brand a voice, positioning, and distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Stacey Schieffelin | Founder of ybf Beauty + QVC/HSN Celebrity

Board of Directors

Ensure Strategic Marketing
Alignment for Value

“Kelly helped me find clarity and solidify our V/TO™ marketing strategy as we separated our two business verticals. This better aligned with our business brands and culture allowing us to articulate our brand’s “only-ness.”

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh | CEO, Evolve Systems

Hi, I’m Kelly Lucente.

With over three decades of immersive experience at the intersection of marketing, branding, and sales, I am your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) with a distinct duality that transcends industry norms.

As a seasoned marketing strategist, I have pioneered transformative outcomes for a diverse spectrum of clients, from Solopreneurs to Fortune 500 giants. My forte lies in unveiling the intangible essence – the ‘only-ness’ – that sets a brand apart and ensures it is missed if absent.

My journey has seen me don numerous hats, from CEO and CMO to Sales leader, across ventures I’ve helmed and enterprises I’ve uplifted. This multifaceted experience has nurtured a deep understanding and respect for every facet of an organization.

One of my unique strengths is the seamless integration of branding, positioning, and sales strategies – a unicorn advantage in the Fractional CMO space. Unlike traditional CMOs confined to marketing strategies, I bring a robust sales background to the forefront. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your business aligns for unprecedented growth and ROI.


There's MOO-LAH in Your Brand

Explore the unique journey of brand building and discover how it’s not just about creating a strong brand but also about turning it into real financial gains. An exclusive guide to all things branding and marketing.


Know Your Distinctive Point of View

Exceptional brands captivate rapidly. They are extraordinary, fascinating, and unforgettable. Your distinctive point of view is the key to standing out. Uncover the remarkable essence of your brand today.

At a Glance.

Gain insight into my track record of success through a concise overview of key achievements. Delve into how my strategic marketing approach elevates brands and drives results.

Brand Strategy


Crafted standout brand strategies that have earned recognition and set benchmarks for effective branding and design creating lasting imprints on industries.

Sales Leadership


Led award-winning teams, consistently delivering exceptional results, and earning industry accolades, including Salesperson of the Year and three consecutive Silver Awards for excellence.

Innovative Entrepreneurship


Committed to giving back, I serve as an advisory board member for Entrepreneurship in Action at the Carlson School of Management and mentor for the MN Cup – a statewide entrepreneurial venture competition.

Thought Leader and


Shared insights at prominent conferences and authored publications in the field, contributing to the industry's thought leadership and guiding the narrative of marketing innovation.

Discover the Right Fit for Your Needs.

A comprehensive suite of services, each meticulously crafted to elevate your brand, amplify sales, and drive results.

Standard Services.

  • Marketing Strategy Audits: Critically assess your current tactics and identify powerful enhancements.


  • Market Positioning Consultation: Strategically position your brand to outshine competitors.


  • Corporate Brand Strategy Workshops: Discover and refine your corporate brand’s competitive edge.

Premium Retainer Services.

  • Total Brand Transformation: A comprehensive reinvention of your corporate identity.

  • Continuous Marketing Leadership: Regular, in-depth guidance to keep your brand at the forefront.

  • Corporate Team Empowerment: Equip your team with advanced marketing insights for sustained growth.

Elite Workshops and Consulting.

  • One-on-One Consultations: Elevate your strategy with individualized guidance through personalized one-on-one consultations. Delve into advanced brand strategies, market positioning, and innovative marketing tactics tailored to your unique business needs.

  • Team Consulting Sessions: Benefit from personalized, on-site consultations focused on enhancing your team’s marketing capabilities. These sessions are designed to foster a culture of excellence and innovation within your team.

  • In-Person Workshops: Engage in dynamic, interactive workshops tailored to your specific corporate needs. Dive deep into advanced brand strategies, market positioning, and innovative marketing tactics.

  • Mastermind Sessions: Collaborate with like-minded professionals in a group setting, gaining collective insights and expertise to elevate your brand strategies, market positioning, and marketing tactics.

Sales Integration and Proprietary Methodologies.

  • Strategic Sales Integration: Seamlessly integrate branding, positioning, and sales for a holistic approach to business transformation.

  • Proprietary Methodologies: Leverage unique processes designed to bridge the gap between branding, positioning, and sales, ensuring unparalleled results.

Fractional vs Interim Services.

Crafted to suit your unique needs, choose what resonates and let's tailor a plan together. Reach out for personalized pricing and plans.

Fractional Services

Ideal for businesses seeking ongoing strategic guidance without the commitment of a full-time role. With fractional services, you gain access to my expertise on a part-time basis, allowing for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of Fractional Services:

  • Flexible commitment with part-time availability.
  • Cost-effective solution compared to a full-time role.
  • Ongoing strategic guidance without a long-term commitment.

Interim Services

Designed for organizations requiring a temporary marketing leader during a transitional period. Interim services provide comprehensive leadership for a specific duration, ensuring a seamless transition and strategic continuity.

Benefits of Interim Services:

  • Temporary leadership during transitional phases.
  • Comprehensive and dedicated focus for specific durations.
  • Strategic continuity to maintain marketing momentum.


AWC Brand Transformation

In my capacity at AWC, I steered the marketing team,  orchestrating a brand metamorphosis from a two-way radio company to a trailblazing communication and technology brand.

As the overseer of marketing, brand, design, communication, and events, I married AWC’s communication solutions, product suite, and technological innovation to elevate brand awareness across verticals and individual brand divisions.

My impact was not just in overseeing; I transformed marketing functions into a purposeful in-house creative agency. This evolution focused on innovation and real-time brand solutions, with a strong emphasis on strategic positioning and differentiation, marking a significant shift in AWC’s market presence.


For the DIY Enthusiast.

Dive into self-directed programs designed to empower your marketing journey. Embark on these strategic initiatives independently and elevate your brand with confidence.

Book Kelly.

Elevate your event with a speaker who brings a trifecta of skills and captivates audiences.

Whether it’s a keynote presentation, custom workshop, or panel contribution, Kelly delivers engaging content tailored to your audience. For more information about speaker fees, availability, and how Kelly can enhance your event, download our speaker brief below.


What is the typical length of engagement with you?

The duration of our engagement varies based on your unique goals and objectives. Following our discovery call, I’ll provide a suggested plan of engagement, offering you flexible options to consider.

Working with me means practical results. We’ll craft a strong brand, align marketing with sales, and see concrete outcomes. It’s a straightforward approach with a creative touch, delivering impact where it matters – your business growth.

Absolutely. Whether overseeing an existing team in an interim or fractional role or assisting in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring marketing candidates, I offer comprehensive support to ensure your team aligns with your business objectives.

Simply send me an email providing some insights about yourself and your company, along with your initial goals and objectives. I’ll reach out to schedule an initial discovery call, where we can explore how I can assist you in achieving your business objectives.

For Workshop & Consulting services, please inquire for customized pricing based on your specific requirements and the scope of engagement.

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