Our team.

Our ego is the size of our team and we’re proud of that.

Let’s be frank. Agencies look pretty similar from the outside: Talented people hanging out in creative and cool spaces with keg beer in the conference room and kickass swag everywhere dreaming up ways to get clients noticed. Pretty cool, no doubt, but the retool® team is deliberately modest in size yet nimble, built of a team of diverse Thinkrs™ who do the work of a larger agency with triple digit staff. You get our “A-Team” because that’s who is on staff. No rookies, just seasoned talent.



CEO + Brand Strategy

Kelly brings 30+ years of brand and marketing experience to the retool® team. The brand visionary, she oversees strategy and creative and brings the humor and the sass necessary to weed through the heady stuff.



Research + Copy

Melissa brings 20+ years of research, editing and copywriting experience to the team. She possesses keen sleuthing skills unearthing facts, stats, and buried treasures for our clients. With her eye always in edit mode and her ability to write a story “on brand” she is our wordsmith extraordinaire.



Business Development + Client Relations

John brings 30+ years to the table with sales and relationship building skills and his innate bit of WOO (winning others over) with his charm and personality. Someone’s got to be the “nice guy” on the team.




Amanda brings 10+ years of creative execution to our mighty team and she is one of the few who truly owns her design lane. She can bring visuals to life like no other, no matter the medium. Need something to pop off the page? She is our gal.

Our leadership.

Kelly Lucente leads the cherry picked retool® team and she has three decades of brand and marketing experience in her rear view window, and that has been the fuel that drives retool®. She is an inner creative and outer strategist who has a definite point of view and a constant finger on the pulse of all things branding. Her family first work environment has fostered a dynamic tenure of talent second to none whose mission is to generate work that inspires, provokes and most importantly converts.

Kelly Lucente

Our difference.


We deliver.

We deliver big, brave and bold ideas without breaking the bank.

Why be subtle when you can be seen? We believe rockstar branding projects of all dimensions can be done in less time, for less money all with the quality and dedication to assure a bulls-eye outcome for each of our clients. We like to cause a ruckus, spin up dust and expertly drive disruption all with your brand’s desired direction in mind.


We excavate.

We’ll find the thing that would be missed if you didn’t exist.

You need to know what you are known for and that is our unicorn. We’re chess players. Not checkers. We assess the landscape, anticipate several steps ahead, then connect the dots so your audience shakes their head “yes” instead of “no”. So they “get” you. So you can articulate your brand’s WHY with everyone you encounter.


We re-invent.

We don’t do renovations or repairs, we only do re-inventions.

We like to stretch what’s possible and really dig deep into what will resonate with your audience. Not simply regurgitate the same-old, same-old. We are champions of change; life is too short to be ordinary (or one lagging behind), making your brand remarkable and extraordinary is part of your deliverable.


We listen.

Our work isn’t done behind a curtain.

We are a branding agency that listens. Listens intently. Then we lead the charge with an “all-in” philosophy; we sweat the small stuff behind building brand experiences so our clients don’t have to. Our streamlined, proven process is clear, defined, transparent and inclusive. Fans of collaboration? Check.


Ready to win?

We will help you put the pieces in place with your brand.


Paying it forward.

We believe in the power of giving and we’ve chosen to focus on giving energy to entrepreneurs, start ups, and students who are on a quest to building something great and send it out into the world.

We have chosen to partner with the MN Cup and the Entrepreneurship in Action program at Carlson School of Management with an emphasis on education, mentorship, and advisory.