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We work with our clients to reach beyond the bright and shiny to get authentic and real because we understand that their audience is craving savvy, diligent and discerning brands.

Brand Audit

A strong brand audit starts from the inside out. Let's evaluate the effectiveness of your brand’s customer experience.


This is a survey of your brand’s competitive landscape and a deep dive on a select number of your top competitors.


Determine what the essence of your brand is  focusing on your company’s mission, vision and values.

Brand Strategy

Define rules and guidelines on how, what, where, when and to whom you communicate your brand messaging and overarching brand objectives.


One of the most important steps in the branding process, positioning defines your brand's point of view in the minds of your desired audience.


Differentiation serves to establish your company’s “onlyness” and what unique set of solutions or services you want to be known for in the marketplace.


The most important brand element that helps customers identify, distinguish, align and resonate with your company and one of the most difficult to unearth.


Your brand identity is the visible elements of a brand including color, design, logo, and topography that leave an aesthetic imprint in the minds of consumers.


Copywriting is your brand’s way of speaking to your customer. The text you use in your touchpoints, website and communications needs to have a consistent voice.


Being able to share your brand’s narrative visually is where graphic design comes into play using visual compositions to communicate ideas.


This area of web design weaves critical analysis and logic to understand and plan for creating a user-centric design and interaction.


Your brand content strategy is the best way to present information to your audience so that it's valuable and makes them want to come back for more.


A strategic tactic creating original content that is timely, interesting and relevant across multiple channels helps your brand get noticed and drive long-term growth.


For those lacking internal capabilities, consulting can assist with your marketing plan, message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix.


Engaging a Virtual CMO curates the ability to outsource marketing leadership to accomplish business goals and lead marketing teams to drive strategy that executes your business objectives.

Our remarkable process.

Everyone knows they need a name, a logo, a price point, a business plan, and a budget, but many clients forgo a vital step: explaining to consumers WHY they should consider THEIR brand and what’s in it for THEM.

The ultimate goal is to drive purchases, so everything needs to be aligned to guide consumers seamlessly down that path.

Most clients struggle to identify their “only-ness.” Re-Tool® has a finely tuned process—often pointed, sometimes laughable, and more than likely revelatory—that eventually leads clients to a place where their eyes light up and the fog lifts. Relief is tangible as we capture and confirm WHY they are unique in their industry or space and decide the HOW and WHAT to ensure their messaging resonates.

The Re-Tool® team specializes in creating a kick-arse, one-of-a-kind “only-ness” for the brands we work with. Our process asks a host of intentional questions from the very start to expertly shape and refine a brand’s components around its “onlyness.” We call it our re-markable method.

So what’s your brand’s “only-ness” do you know?

Industries served.

Accounting, agriculture, apparel, beauty, brand agency, capital advisory services, communications, construction, consulting, consumer products, culinary, education, entertainment, events, executive search, financial services, franchise, health care, investment, leadership, legal services, management, manufacturing, marketing agency, printing, publishing, real estate, recreation, rental management, retail, technology, and wealth management.

But it doesn’t really matter what your widget is as we can help your brand sing.

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