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The ace up our sleeve is distilling down and defining your and your team’s differentiators. This is a trade secret we are excited to share with you. Our proprietary framework gets right to the heart of articulating your only-ness using a tailored modality that works with your infrastructure. We work with individuals who desire to define their point of view and corporate teams who wish to harness the power of their uniqueness.

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Over many years of working with corporate leaders, influencers, and client-facing executives, we’ve learned that having a distinctive point of view articulated strategically will not only create impact, but also drive ROI.

Whether you are attracting new talent or elevating your executive teams, including a strong personal brand strategy into your business/marketing plan will help your bottom line.

Corporate solutions.


The perfect companion to your EOS™ initiative, re-tool® can help unearth, clarify and articulate your vision as well as assist in refining/defining your marketing strategy to align with company goals.


The Brand of YOU™ workshop is designed to help your team get clear on who they are and arm them with a communication messaging bank to garner better personal/professional relationships.


It’s no longer good enough to be better than the competition. A brand has to be different and this solution helps define your only-ness in a remarkable way so in a sea of the same, you can’t be missed.

These solutions are perfect for:


Have you ever Googled yourself? How many times did you show up? Do you know what is being said about you on the internet? How about your Linkedin profile? When was the last time you updated it?

Creating an integrated personal brand could be one of your most valued assets and one that gets you noticed (for all the RIGHT reasons). Bottom line, you’re a brand whether you do anything about it or not. With a little help, you can influence what is being said about you without even being in the room.

Personal brand management.


The Brand of YOU™ is an immersive, deep dive into who you are and how you show up. The result is a brand and messaging platform designed to help you articulate what you want to be known for and what happens because of you. And that just scratches the surface.


When was the last time you had a professional headshot? Believe it or not, photos should be refreshed every 18-24 months. Our team can help create your visual identity through use of tone, colors, props, personal style, and more.


It’s time for a facelift. Apply The Brand of YOU™ to your Linkedin profile and set yourself apart from the competition. Rank higher when others do a search for your expertise and leverage your brand and messaging bank from your TBOY™ initiative.

Additional support:

Ultimate goal:

Your personal brand needs love and attention just like your business, so if you need a strategic partner to help you, we are a stone’s throw away.


Believe it or not, we have something special for YOU!


There are lots of books written about branding, so why this book? It shows the step-by-step process of how to build a strong brand and more importantly, how to monetize as a result of it. Successful businesses have one and you should, too! This is the all-in-one brand and marketing primer written exclusively for YOU.


Remarkable brands tend to diffuse through segments of the population at rocket speed. They’re unusual, exceptional, and interesting. They impress, excite, and can’t help but be talked about by those who’ve been exposed to them. Knowing your only-ness will help set you apart… in a big way. Uncover what’s “remarkable” about your brand today.


“My work with retool® spans several of my businesses. Their eye for design and marketing aesthetic will help you tweak, polish, and build on ideas and messaging.”

Mark Levine | CEO, Domain Theory


retool® helped me find clarity and solidify our V/TO™ marketing strategy as we separated our two business verticals. This better aligned with our business brands and culture allowing us to articulate our brands “only-ness”.”

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh | CEO, Evolve Systems


“One of our V/TO™ rocks was a rebrand, so we brought retool® in to help us figure out our unique differentiators. They helped us integrate our “only-ness” into the new website and align our core messaging.”

Raz Bajwa | CEO, Industrack + Incumbent EO President, MN Chapter


“We brought retool® in as our fractional marketing leader to help rebrand our company and position us to evolve with our ever-changing industry.”

Candice Engle-Fieldman | CEO, Ambassador Press

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