Are You Keeping Your Brand Relevant?

July 26, 2019

Is your brand relevant?  To answer that affirmatively, the following Q’s need to be answered similarly. 

Does your branding ooze with a vibrant and/or remarkable personality that aligns with your current demographic?  Is your brand recognition sticky and thus your brand recall strong? How is your brand sharing its unique narrative, through copy as well as with a brilliant design/aesthetic?  Are you threading a consistent brand voice through all communication mediums (website, social media, marketing content, email campaigns et al)?

Obviously the answer should be “yes” to all of these questions.  

Today’s consumers display alarmingly decreased levels of loyalty towards many brands so no brand is strong enough to just sit on his laurels for very long without an eye towards constant growth and evolution.  Cutting through the noise and sea of the same and truly standing out from the pack for all the right reasons is much more difficult than most assume it will be. 

You would be amazed at how many brands cut corners. We can say that because we work with brands who come to us to rebrand them when they hit a slide or once performance anxiety has begun to set in. Many companies initially dodge establishing their positioning (which no doubt is heady work) and they end up sounding like their competition or worse as inauthentic. Or they put all their eggs in one basket by creating a rockstar website and then send out emails or create marketing materials that are less than so.  That creates a distinct disconnect and potential customers (and oftentimes regular ones) simply move on.

We understand that it is very easy to become complacent especially if your brand has been floating on a wave of success.   But the tide can and most definitely will turn and your brand can rapidly drift and if you aren’t paying attention, it can be very tricky to pull it back from the depths. If you put conscious and mindful efforts into all of your branding elements, no matter your business size or industry, it will reap you benefits because the consistency of how you look, feel and sound will resonate.  

In this time as the world wide web infiltrates our lives in ways we never anticipated, the manner in which  consumers engage with brands is ever evolving. If your brand isn’t keeping up, it will inevitably fade away.  Being open and willing to make adjustments with your brand as information and technology continues to shift and morph is of paramount importance in remaining up-to-date and relevant.  It simply must be a part of your strategy toolbox.

Making your brand the obvious and easy choice should be one of your main priorities for remaining top of mind.  Brainstorming creative initiatives, crafting compelling brand stories, and digging to unearth one-of-a-kind positioning statements is our jam and an essential chain in re-tool’s DNA so if you need some 411 (or are experiencing a 911) with your brand, we are at the ready.  Check out our service suite or give us a ring-a-ling.