What we can Learn from Celebrity Personal Brands

February 8, 2016

Personal branding can make the life of a celebrity much easier. A good personal brand will attract a lot of attention and hype. While some celebrities are simply popular because of their work, there are some who have gone the extra mile to create a killer personal brand that has provided much profit and influence.

For celebrities or those in the public eye, it’s easy to demonstrate what personal brand “looks” like. Well known pop culture figures have a team of handlers managing their brands on a daily basis. They are in charge of growing the celeb’s brand as well as conducting damage control when things aren’t going so well. Think about Lindsay Lohan and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It isn’t her brilliant portrayal as bright-eyed sisters in The Parent Trap. It’s her downward spiral into rehab. Or think about Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, unfaithfulness in his marriage clouded his high profile image; he had been known as the greatest golfer of modern times but his public persona has never been able to truly recover.

Go Red

Taylor Swift is a perfect example of excellent branding where people are attracted to her and her music because of her purity in message and intent. She has a point of view and she lives that point of view through her brand and her music. Will Smith, aka The Fresh Prince is the actor/songwriter/singer who would never use a swear word in his music out of respect for his grandmother. He exudes positivity and open-mindedness. Princess Diana continues to be a role model for all women who want to break traditional stereotypes and express independence and moral integrity. She championed many taboo issues that needed a voice. Taylor Swift showcases her unique personal brand by sharing her passion for causes close to her heart. She is known for being open, caring, down-to-earth, genuine and honest and her adoring fans have kept her consistently at the top of the charts. Brad Pitt is an actor and activist who looks good, does good things and seems to be charming in every way. He also has a boatload of kids so family first has been his motto despite Hollywood beckoning him at every chance. Oprah Winfrey has a very distinctive personal brand like no other. If you want a blueprint to build a personal brand, Oprah Winfrey is the woman to learn from. Marilyn Monroe was the sex symbol of the century, need we say more? It’s not good enough simply to be considered good at what you do; you also need to be memorable as these celebrities are.

The Flashing Lights

Becoming a celebrity doesn’t mean transforming into a totally different person. It means getting extremely good at one or a handful of things. However, getting good at something doesn’t help you if nobody knows about it and that is why celebrities are good individuals to look at when you are creating your own personal brand. Who are you, and what are you good at? What gifts, skills, or knowledge sets you apart from the competition? The answers to those questions point you in the direction and to the essence of your own personal brand. Your personal brand should position you as an expert in your field and it should reflect your skills or specialized services that your competition doesn’t have (or hasn’t communicated well to their customers). Some celebrities focus well in both of these areas; being known for “something” as well as making sure everyone knows it. With today’s technology, resources such as numerous social media channels allow for us all to make ourselves and what we are good at more readily marketable. So dig around a little and do a little recon on a few of your favorite celebrities, what their personal brand “trademarks” are and how they share them with the world. It might provide you with some insight and inspiration in creating (or refreshing) your own personal brand. And, if you’re still stuck, try our PERSONAL VS CORPORATE BRAND program which offers a step-by-step approach in building a one-of-a-kind, “gotta-have-it” personal brand.