It Takes A Village to Build A Brand…

October 17, 2016

Does it take a village to build a brand? The answer is a resounding YES!

My team and I are always up for ambitious undertakings and many times we are asked to manage things for a client in the 11th hour. Those “fires” seem to be perfectly suited to align with our strengths. Mapping out specific and detailed to-do’s of the necessary breadth and scope of work with tight deadlines is paramount and allows us to tweak our processes to ensure we give ourselves a bit of wiggle room as inevitable hiccups crop up. We all have a hand in this process since we are all part of the flurry and activation that is crucial to get things done.

RTM has become known for working at an Indy Car pace, bringing full circle the creation of the vital front-end matter of solidifying a company’s “big idea”, identity, and positioning in days rather than weeks. We can crank out robust marketing materials, social media content, media kits, collateral and multiple other touch points and assets in half the time because of our tight knit and collaborative team.

Many times we are also tasked to re-do a client’s website, all built from scratch and around their updated voice. Brand spanking new websites typically take 90 days from conception to birth but RTM often cuts those timelines in half resulting in beautifully modern and mobile friendly sites in 45 days. We typically don’t brag, but we would like to toot our own horn on this one!

Many times we aren’t done yet as a new website launch requires dedicated communications and live events that share a newly minted look and vibe. RTM makes sure that the dots all connect for our client’s demographic.

Whew, okay, sometimes we do catch ourselves exclaiming “wow, which way is up?” but if we are to be completely honest we do thrive on the adrenaline. It really does take a village to tackle the workload and be able to pivot expertly but as we wrap a client’s work/scope, we clap ourselves on the back as we are proud of our sheer dedication, determination and spunk.