The Big Reveal Is Here…

April 17, 2017

I turned 50 on April 10 and it was bittersweet. On the one hand it was a significant milestone and a definite point of reflection, on the other it has allowed me to begin a new chapter of my business and opened another proverbial “door”, one that fosters a different approach to the work that I do. In essence I’ve decided to forge down a path where rather than simply doing the work for you, I’m going to do WITH you.

If you and I are connected at all on social media, you know that my team and I have spent the past four months eyebrows deep in building a brand school that launched on my birthday. The behind the scenes tizzy had me sweating the details but that is okay because I’m super excited about this endeavor (and important things in life require a moderate amount of blood, sweat and tears).

All joking aside, as I approached this monumental birthday, I had been driven to take the little seed that planted itself in my mind last fall and nourish it to become what I hope will be a revolution of sorts in the world of DIY branding.

My agency, Re-Tool Marketing has and will continue to engage in branding and rebranding projects for clients, however more and more I was hearing from peers, colleagues and many entrepreneurs that they wanted to do “it” more themselves; get their own brand up and running.

It costs a pretty penny to do that, so for a majority of those I chatted with paying top dollar for an agency (including mine) to do that seemed out of reach. And yet, I was constantly besieged with questions by those very same determined individuals around the multiple “how tos” of bringing a brand to life.

I found myself having conversations again and again around creating your “big idea”, establishing your brand’s point of view, designing a logo and launching your website/virtual storefront with all the many other crucial steps in between.

So the idea of opening a brand school percolated up and has now taken shape. BRANDING FOR MOO-LAH is now LIVE and open for business. If you or anyone you know is at the stage with their business where they are looking for a resource that is a one-stop shop and a comprehensive A-Z “go-to” for learning about all things branding, then BRANDING FOR MOO-LAH is THE place.

Check out my brand school’s details, benefits and all its one-of-a-kind particulars here: BRANDING FOR MOO-LAH