We help brands find their


Our sweet spot is where strategy and creativity intersect and that duality is purposeful by uncovering, reclaiming and amplifying the thing that makes them different from any other brand.


Our endgame is to make our clients (and their customers) gasp and say “you hit the bulls-eye”.

It is all about bringing to life the heart of a brand and what makes it tick. retool® unearths this narrative and transforms this messaging into powerful storytelling platforms designed to inspire, disrupt and create lasting buzz.


Strategy is the underlying “it” factor for any brand. We seek to create somthing so meaningful that consumers align themselves with it. When it comes to a brand’s success, what you say, how you convey it, and where you put it out there for the world to see all need to be considered to make magic happen.


We look at brand design as a holistic experience that is based around the findings from brand strategy and positioning and that need to translate across all outward representations of a brand Think website, collateral, signage, packaging and swag. Everything from a brand’s name, tone, look, vibe and feel we consider thoroughly to best serve up branding elements that pack a punch.


Whether an ethos, a manifesto or a mission, brands need a guide that helps to inform action, communication and outreach. Having assets is one thing but what to do with them? retool® can assist you in connecting you with your desired demographic with rich content and collateral that inspires and evokes action.

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We end the fear of originality.

retool® is a boutique branding agency whose ethos is all about building badass brands through high-level consulting, visually demanding design and powerful storytelling.

Generating big ideas.

retool® exists because we don’t settle for the status quo. We thrive on discovery, deep dives and closing the loop. We are always in search of how a brand can best come to life or simply be reimagined.


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Our difference

 is all about connecting the dots.

We believe in lightning strikes. We believe in the immutable power of a brand’s story. We believe in “why not?” in a world of cannots. retool® designs, launches and grows evocative brands because we believe that being different is better than just being better. We broke the agency mold working with our clients in a different way to help them connect their many branding dots.

And we know our clients are busy running a business so we take on the heavy lifting and heady work to get your brand components firing on all its cylinders. We know how important it is to deliver and execute on big ideas within the constraints of real-world brand challenges. That is why our clients hire us across our full range of capabilities.


"retool® was the extra set of eyes we were looking for in defining our differentiators as we embarked upon expanding our service suite to become a fully integrated real estate investment company."

Kevin Ortner | CEO, Renters Warehouse


"The retool® team's knowledge is so vast in so many areas and they were instrumental in creating a dual brand strategy allowing us to capitalize on our industry strengths.”

Donna Hawley | CEO, Pearle Vision + Maple Grove Eye Doctors


"I've involved retool® re-tool® in many of my businesses over the years and I've done so because they bring a fresh perspective to each business objective. They definitely remain on speed dial."

Nicole Middendorf | CEO, Prosperwell


"Working with retool® gives your brand a voice, positioning, and distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

Stacey Schieffelin | CEO and Founder of ybf Beauty, International Supermodel, and QVC/HSN Celebrity