Do They Get You?

February 29, 2016

You can make money by understanding the power of brand and implementing that knowledge. How? By connecting the dots for your audience; if dots don’t connect, or if they don’t make sense, consumers pause—and a pause is a “no.” You need to know how to eliminate the “no” and make it really easy for your audience to say “yes.” By getting inside the heads of your ideal customers and speaking their language, you’ll get more than a “yes.” They’ll write you a check. If it’s clear and they get you, if you are honest and they know you care, they will trust you.

Brand = trust.

Trust = money.

TRUST quote-01-1

These days, consumers need to feel extremely confident that they’re making the right decision when they pull their hard-earned money and hand it over in exchange for a product or service.  The more secure they feel in making that decision, the more likely they are to actually open their wallets and make those purchases.

Before you can create marketing messages that build brand trust, you need to find out specifically what your target audience needs and how your product can fill that void.  Only then can you feel confident that you’re communicating the right messages that will actually resonate with consumers.

It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many business owners and entrepreneurs skip this step operating under the false assumption that they either know what their customers need already or that their customers want the same things that they do.

There is money on the other side of understanding. If you get your customer and they get you—if you get inside their heads and understand how to solve their problems (and you actually provide the solution)—there will be trust. And remember, on the other side of trust is a sale—which could lead to a raving fan that could lead to residual income and social proof (their talking about you and your product or service through their social circles).

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