What’s Your Brand’s Sizzle?

March 7, 2016

“Sell the Sizzle NOT the Steak”.   Have you heard that before?  It’s well-known in marketing, advertising and branding circles.

To get noticed in the business world, you have to WOW potential clients each and every time – especially when you’re promoting your products and services. You have to put the right things in place to grab their attention in 3 seconds or less.

You need to show your clients what makes you or your widget different, along with what results you (or it) can provide for THEM. Then and only then, will they buy from you and only YOU. As a small business owner you have got to work very hard at knowing when to sell the sizzle and when to sell the steak.

The way to achieve a good sizzle isn’t magic. It’s differentiation; is your “secret sauce” really different from your competitor’s?  The objective with differentiation is uncovering what is special about a product or service in such a way that it’s memorable and preferable. People don’t care how long you have struggled, how much money you have invested or how many years of your life it took to bring your service or product to fruition. You shouldn’t waste valuable time and resources trying to sell someone on these things. Ask yourself one thing and one thing only, from the customer’s point of view – “What is in it for ME?

Don’t assume they know, just because you hand them a business card.  If they can’t easily answer that simple question, your business will stay at a slow simmer, that is just a reality in today’s sea of the same.

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