Now, What to Do With Your MOO

August 26, 2018
Now, What to Do With Your MOO

This is the last in our three-part series around the concept of brand positioning and establishing your “purple cow” or “only-ness” statement.

Our first blog distilled down and explained why your only-ness or purple cow statement is a foundational “brick” for your business success while our second blog spoke about the actual process of birthing your purple cow.

This final blog answers a commonly asked question we hear from our clients ALL THE TIME, “Now that I have sweated bullets to land on my purple cow, what do I do with it?”

The honest answer is that regardless of what niche your business/industry/sphere speaks to, those few sentences of your brand’s only-ness statement should direct all future brand messaging and any marking efforts should originate from it. **Think of a bicycle wheel with its center and its various spokes emanating outward that provide equal and solid support.

In order to get a “yes” rather than a “no”, you MUST connect the dots continually for your network of customers. Much of how you go about helping your demographic make those connections easily is simply ensuring that your website, collateral, social media, et al, all consistently draw your consumer back to understand/comprehend in some fashion what your business’ purple cow is.

Keep in mind that your only-ness should be found front and center, not displayed boastfully but certainly not buried on a subpage of your website or on page 4 of a brochure. You absolutely need to OWN your purple cow as it speaks uniquely to why someone should do business with you.

If you are marketing or promoting your business, your messaging needs to proudly state “why your brand and why someone should care”. If you have done all the heady work to craft your purple cow statement, then you already have all the supporting rationale to address those fundamental items. Having your only-ness makes it so much easier to share your business’ story whether it be because it helps others make change or a difference in their lives, mollifies a pain point, provides inspiration, offers a prescription for success…whatever you wanted others to know about your brand, with your purple cow etched out, you now have a clear and concise version of your brand’s WHY and thus the importance of its existence to others.

So what’s your brand’s only-ness, do you know? If you do, embrace it wholeheartedly and shout it to the hilltops. If you don’t, you absolutely need to. Re-Tool™’s purple cow is figuring out a brand’s purple cow, so if you are floundering writing up yours, let us know and we can share our process with you. Learn more here:

Your purple cow is essential to your brand’s longevity, so make it a priority, pronto, to spend time doing your due diligence figuring it out, then be sure that your brand oozes it.