The “How” of Your MOO

July 17, 2018
The How of Your Moo

In our last blog, we defined what MOO™ is. It’s your Monumental, One-of-a Kind, Only-ness. It’s the remarkable thing that only YOUR business can offer, that if it didn’t exist, would be missed by your customer. Not only is it the hardest thing to figure out (besides your business name), but it’s avoided by most… either because they don’t know they need it or it’s simply too difficult to unearth internally. However establishing your brand’s MOO™ is paramount to its success so in this week’s blog, we are sharing a bit about our proprietary process for going about zeroing in and actually defining a brand’s MOO™, or the “how to” if you will.

The Moo-v-ment Method™ is the re-tool® team’s process where we dissect the areas of a company brand to define what’s remarkable about it and articulate it in such a way that people get it and “it” then differentiates the brand distinctively from their competition.

We sit down with our clients and chat about their story and history and then walk through the heady business of discussing past milestones and future goals and objectives. We also take a deep dive and look at 3-5 competitors to see what they are up to and where they are showing up.

Next up is all about hammering out true differentiators. Many people think they know them and can articulate them only to see that their competition is claiming the same darn thing(s). Can you hear the “sigh”? However, after some more pecking away, landing on differentiators and supportive talking points are captured. Not with a wave of a magic wand but with extremely deliberate collective thought.

Now with all this information before us, aggregated and buzzing around in our brains, we ask this one question “what would your customers miss if you didn’t exist?” Even the most passionate business owners we have worked with stumble answering. Lots of “well…”, “I think…” and “umms”, later, the realization that they cannot clearly articulate “why them” sometimes overwhelms.

White board at the ready, we put this up:

This chart provides the framework for creating a MOO™ statement. As we begin to fill in the blanks, some fields are a breeze to complete while other fields take some significant effort. It seems at first glance to be an “easy” exercise and yet to succinctly sum up what a brand does without getting too wordy or trying to be everything to everyone ends up being quite a task. With multiple opinions in a room, a MOO™ statement can be quite frustratingly subjective in nature.

Once a rough draft is crafted, then refining it in a brand’s proper voice is next up on the docket. Whatever your brand’s personality is, its MOO™ must be infused with it.

We wanted to give you an example of a fully vetted, scrubbed, and word-smithed MOO™ statement. Believe it or not, our MOO™ IS discovering others MOO™ and here’s how we phrase it:

We are a boutique branding agency whose ethos is all about building stand-out positioning, creative and strategy through high-level consulting, fresh design and compelling messaging. Our client’s success is our success. We are committed to identifying a brand’s bedrock, its’ only-ness. Our main focus is to help our clients connect the dots by re-tool®ing their brand elements, thinking organically, and crafting brand solutions that are way outside of the proverbial box.

We hope you can see how our MOO™ is like no other?

Next up in our positioning series will be what to do with your MOO™ statement once you have it and why you need to ensure that all future brand messaging and marketing originates from it.

If you need assistance in dialing in on your brand’s MOO™ let us know, it is one of the “only” things we LOVE to do. You can learn more about it here: